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DISCUSSION, SELF-DISCOVERY AND PERSONAL APPLICATION A small group of people who meet together regularly for a set period of time in order to learn and grow together. What is a Mastermind? A mastermind is a...
INSPIRATION, PATH ALIGNMENT AND EMPLOYEE PERFORMANCE Inspire and motivate yourself and team through concrete lessons and tools to fuel employee growth. Becoming A Person of Influence Whatever your vocation, you can increase your impact on...

Charles K. – Supervisory Fitness and Sports Specialist – Okinawa, Japan

“As a retiring Chief Master Sergeant (E-9), I was referred to Mr. Anderson for career assistance. After a few conversations, I was thankful for the referral, knowing that Mr. Anderson understood my career goals and was dedicated to helping me achieve them. I was able to secure a federal position within 30 days of my official retirement from the Air Force.”

Barbara H. – Human Resources – Del Rio, TX

“After separating from the U.S. Navy after 10 years, I had a difficult time finding employment. My desire was to work in Human Resources, a field that I had many years of experience in, working for the Navy. I applied for job, after job, after job, but with no success. Then I met Mr. Walter Anderson.

“He taught me how to land the government job that I wanted. In less than 30 days, I was selected as an intern in the Human Resources office and was later converted to a permanent civil service employee.

“Mr. Anderson’s expertise was invaluable as he coached me along the way after many months of frustration and stress. After working for the Department of the Air Force in the Human Resources office, I was promoted to a position with the Department of Homeland Security, something I was not able to achieve without Walter’s help. If you are looking for a person to connect with you and help you reach your maximum potential, you are in the right place.”

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