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THE INVISIBLE DRAIN ON YOUR COMPANY’S CULTURE. Download our FREE guide and see how personality-based assessments can cultivate your organization’s culture.

High-Performance Cultures through Unique & Potent Strategies

It is through the interactive workshops that we introduce practical and robust solutions to improve productivity, while initiating impactful change among employees. Our purpose is to assist in achieving the vision of your organization through employee engagement, commitment and reduced turnover. We concentrate on creating a learning culture through paradigm shifts, growth and evidence-based instruction. Our strategies unleash individual talent by overcoming perceived challenges and increases employee engagement.

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We Cultivate Powerful Leaders to Address Organizational Deficiencies

Organizations suffer significant financial loss owing to low employee engagement and high turnover. At Anderson Consulting & Training, we cultivate a workplace culture of commitment through adaptability, innovation, sustainability, agility and engagement. Our purpose is to assist the individual and the organization in detecting challenges, while seeking opportunities to accelerate performance. We believe in crushing barriers to growth by maximizing talent management strategies that attract and retain the best people to achieve extraordinary results.

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We collaborate with corporate, government and non-profit organizations. Our specialization includes boosting employee engagement, increasing productivity and the development of critical skills such as leadership, communication, team building, conflict resolution, change management, decision-making, coaching, resiliency, accountability, influence, customer service, diversity, strategic thinking, problem-solving and more. We believe in the alignment of the customer experience and the employee experience in support of improved organizational decision making. Such progressive and professional forces create an unstoppable competitive advantage!

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Anderson Consulting & Training understands the importance of leadership and empowering our clients through change. With the best practices and insights based on 20 years’ experience, we bring innovation and rewarding results through the following services:


We believe that coaching is one of the most powerful tools to create strong, sustainable leadership. Our coaching solutions focus on individuals.

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Change Management

The process of change management allows us to prepare and engage organizations in response to internal and external change for successful outcomes.

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Leadership Development

By empowering, educating and motivating employees, managers and organizations, we develop influential and strong leaders ready.

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Performance Assessment

We offer several performance assessments to include Everything DiSC, The Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team and Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI).

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Training and Development

We encourage relevant training and strategic development, ensuring that the very best employees are hired and placed, to excel.

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Human Capital

Organizations are continually seeking ways to influence succession planning, competency modeling and career-path finding. With our exceptional team.

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Learning Methods

On-site Services

On-site Services

Enjoy in-person instruction created for multisensory impact to help your learners retain information. We deliver relevant lessons that are solution-focused.

Virtual Learning

Virtual Learning

Learners participate from anywhere in the world. Virtual training sessions are web-based, instructor-led, goal-oriented, highly interactive and synchronous.

Coaching Engagements

Coaching Engagements

Unlock your potential or improve the performance of leaders and executives in the organization.