Cover Letter Writing Service


The purpose of the cover letter is to introduce yourself to an organization, demonstrate your interest in the company or a specific vacancy, draw attention to your resume and motivate the reader to interview you. Often this letter is the first contact you have with a prospective employer.  A neat, concise, well-written cover letter can entice the employer to read your resume with greater interest and will improve your chances of getting an interview.

The cover letter typically consists of three parts: introduction, body and closing.  We include within these three parts of your cover letter the following:

• Why you are interested in the organization

• Why they should be interested in you based on your expertise that is NOT already covered in your resume

• When and how you will contact them to follow up

A cover letter typically accompanies each resume you send out.  Employers use cover letters as a way to screen applicants for available jobs and to determine which candidates they would like to interview.  If an employer requires a cover letter, it will be listed in the job posting, if it is not included, it could very well disqualify you for the potential opportunity.  Even if the company does not ask for one, a general rule of thumb is to include one anyway.

It is very important that your cover letter be tailored to each position you are applying to.  This means more than just changing the name of the company in the body of the letter.  Let us help write your “sales pitch” to market your credentials and help you secure an interview.