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Get Coaching that magnifies your results

An effective coaching program brings clarity, purpose, and self-awareness to live up to your potential. In order to get results, you need to create a definite pathway, a blueprint that connects your actions and day-to-day systems to your final goal.

Regardless of the size of your organization or the scale of the team you are working with, you need a results-driven coach who can help you build strategies and action plans for success. Rather than navigating entirely new terrains in your professional and personal life, working with a coach helps you eliminate limiting beliefs, while discovering new ways to optimize your strengths and potential.

ACT Empowerment Coaching is client centered, focused on your success, designed to help you thrive, and take responsibility for the desired change in your life.

Customized coaching sessions designed just for you

At Anderson Consulting & Training, we offer specialized coaching service that empowers individuals to execute newly discussed strategies, while tracking the results over a well-defined period of time. Our goal is to build actionable steps with that guarantee long-term growth and success .

Through Action, Collaboration, and Transformation (ACT), we  empower individuals with the right tools and accountability to maximize performance, and discover efficient ways to boost productivity. We are not just coaches, we consider ourselves a personal partner, working relentlessly to help individuals achieve stated goals.



Did you know that coaching creates an 88% increase productivity?

Did you know 98% of organizations that use executive coaching plan to continue to do so at the same or an increased level in the future?

Our coaching programs helps you:

Improve your decisions making and problem solving skills

Build optimized teams and organizations

Develop clear blueprints and strategies for growth

Execute the right tasks

Eliminate self-limiting beliefs

Coaching is the right investment

Who is your greatest asset(s) and shows the most promise?

Whether leading a large company, heading a team in a government agency, non-profit organization, or seeking a career transition, you need the right support structure to guide you on your  journey.

Our coaches serve as a bridge to help individuals boost their professional skills and focus on specific, actionable behaviors.

Our services include:

Executive Coaching

Leadership Coaching

Career Coaching

Connect with our coaches

ACT now and begin your transformation!